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Day 96:

Day 96: Zombies

Last night I had the most terrible nightmare...

I was unlocking the front door of the agency, when suddenly a zombie emerged from behind me. It shoved me through the door and lurched towards the kitchen, moaning and groaning.

I could hear crashing and banging from the kitchen, a shriek and then silence. The zombie shambled back into the office and sat at our intern's desk and started working. It was then that I realised that the zombie WAS our intern. Arghhhh!

I backed out the door of the office and swiftly bumped into another zombie - holy shit, it was Sam our cleaner, and she'd turned into a zombie too.


Following closely behind her was the rest of the agency team, all in zombie formation.


I'm too traumatised to work today. So I've stayed home, and told everybody else to stay home too. And just a heads up to any zombies wanting a date - you're out of luck. Try another agency!