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Day 93:

Day 93: Greedy

Name: Greedy
Gender: Female
Height: 12 inches
Weight: 12 pounds

Greedy is a cat with a ferocious appetite for life. Whatever you're giving, she wants it - cuddles, food, romance ... anything!

Greedy came to the agency looking for a date to the 'Big and Beautiful' ball next week.

Here's the catch though, Greedy isn't just looking for one date, she wants lots of dates.

"I'm a hot woman, I can't be expected to be monogamous. I have a big appetite for loving, so I'm looking for maybe 12 or 13 hot buff man-cats to take me to the ball."

Greedy is a busy lady. She's worked her way through all the neighbourhood man-cats and has a bevy of lovers at her beck and call 24/7. However, now she's looking for new blood "I'm bored. I want this ball to be the start of something special with a new batch of lovers."

If you've got stamina, and are willing to go on a date with Greedy (and her crew), please use the keyword 'plenty'.