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Day 87:

Day 87: Gabe

Name: Gabe
Gender: Male
Height: 15 inches
Weight: 6 pounds
Nickname: Gazza

Many of you will recognise Gabe from his rock band 'the strays'. Gabe is extremely popular with the ladies. And really, we're not sure why he felt the need to visit us. Not that we're complaining ... this rockstar is hawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwttttt!

Gabe played crooned and played his guitar for us and my gawd, after hearing his voice and guitar, we're not sure if we want to let him leave the office, let alone go on a date.

Gabe's got a secret though. He doesn't want a lady - he's after a hot mancat! "It's time I was honest" says Gabe "it's not the ladies, it's the blokes that turn my wheels."

Gabe's looking for a loyal and loving man cat who appreciates loud music, tattoos and ear piercings.

If you'd like to go on a date with Gabe, please use the keyword 'Rockstar'.