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Day 8:

Day 8: Kitty

Name: Kitty
Gender: Female (neutered)
Height: 8 inches
Weight: 8 pounds
Nickname(s): Kitty Cat, Weather girl, Snowdrops
Star sign: Leo

New on the dating scene this Winter is Ms Kitty Cat.

With her graceful appearance and quick wit, Kitty has never had a problem finding a hot date. Finding true love however has been a difficult task for this friendly feline.

Kitty has been engaged three times, but never married, and describes herself as an "unclaimed treasure".

A retired meteorologist and former Whiskers pet food model, Kitty keeps her mind active by predicting weather patterns for the Waikato region.

Asked to describer her ideal life partner, Kitty says "I'm looking for a man who is well groomed, enjoys the outdoors and doesn't mind getting his hands dirty. I've got a garden that needs a lot of maintenance, so he'd be no use to me if he's one of these new-age guys who's afraid of hard work."

Kitty continues ... "Last year I planted agapanthus out the back and phewwwweeeee they've gone wild. I'd really like to get in there and dig them out, but my lumbago has been giving me grief for the last few weeks so I haven't been able to put as much effort in as I'd like. Talking about effort, have you seen the hard work that's gone in to reinvigorating the central city? In my day we would have had all the townfolk banding together to work on one of those mural-type things, what this town needs is a mural ..." [Kitty's conversation continued, but sadly the batteries in our recorder went flat at this point].

If you'd like to go on a date with Kitty, please use the keyword 'Sprightly'.