100 Days Project

jeni: A scribble a day and things/people I love

A series of small sketches with watercolour wash, to see how good I can get at it after 100 days of practice. I started a while ago and for a few days I had gusto and enthusiasm, but as with previous hobbies, once I started being critical and disappointed, I lost confidence and stopped bothering. I might add a journal entry here and there, but for the most part it will be the pencil and the watercolour. I am looking forward to the discipline that commitment - to the 100 Days Project - brings out in me. I have way better staying power with a bit of a push.

Kia Ora

Day 79:


I don't know what it is about drawing and Saturday nights, but the two don't add up very well for me. I don't like doing it, I don't seem to be much good at it. I tried to draw kitty in 15 minutes, and an hour later, here I am and here it is. Blurrgh. And I also am not sure why I have this fascination with using a Twink pen as a medium. But there you have it. Quite possibly I am just truly counting down till the end of this project. I think I will breathe an enormous sigh of relief! But at least I know I can manage life and put effort into a creative venture. I don't think I will commit to every day again, though, until the kids are at school. I just get too annoyed at them if they interrupt me and that's not fair on them at all, even though I do try to include them. Edie loves to draw. Billy thinks it's a wonderful opportunity to play on the iPad.

21 days to go and I haven't tried dry-brushing yet, still haven't bought any new equipment and am grabbing a spare bit of paper where I can, either a random sheet or a page I discovered had only been semi-used. 

In other news, today was a wonderful break from the busy-ness of the week, I set the kids up a cinema in Edie's room to watch a movie on my computer while we grown-ups watched a Tv show. In the MORNING. Terrible parenting, right, ha! I don't think we've done that before now, except before the kids were able to understand about the TV. And then we all played, together, Just played. Ring-a-rosy, dancing, tickling, monsters trying to eat each other. No demands of our regular routine, no rushing, no stress. I love my kids more than anything in the world, and they are such gorgeous people. Sometimes I feel like I just don't put enough effort into enjoying them, in being so constantly concerned with what "must be done". And the relaxed play at home, without having to "be somewhere" really seems to make Myke happy too. I love happy days. We are going to have more and more of them. Screw being busy. There's so much time in the future for being busy, why should the kids have to be busy all the time when they're so little? Keeping active is one thing, but being relaxed and together is very very important.