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Day 74:

Day 74: Shan

Name: Shan
Gender: Female
Height:  12 inches
Weight: 9 pounds
Nicknames: Shan-a-Lan

We've heard a lot about Shan from a previous client 'Possum'. From what we knew before meeting her Shan "looks just like Possum, except that Shan is prettier". And actually, Possum was right. Shan is gorgeous.

Shan would like to date a "good guy, with family values, who's sexy and fun (with just a little bit of bad-boy about him)".

Shan is a kind and friendly lady-cat with a firm grasp on reality (just don't mention to her that the movie 'labyrinth' is not based on a true story). Any guy would be lucky to snag a date with Shan. But be warned, anyone who misbehaves suffer the wrath of Shan's 'laser-eyes'. As long as you're nice, you'll have a great time with Shan.

If you'd like to go on a date with Shan, please use the keywords 'Possum's friend'.