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Day 72:

Day 72: Tristan

Name: Tristan

Gender: Male

Height:  11 inches
Weight: 10 pounds

Nicknames: Forj

Tristan is a modern knight in shining armor. This quiet, outwardly reserved man-cat will open doors for you, walk on the outside of the footpath and lay his coat on the ground so you don't have to get your feet wet stepping over a puddle.

Tristan is well known in the small rural town of Te Awamutu for his sword building and computer gaming skills - an odd combination that makes him both deadly and easily distracted.

"Okay, it's true, I'm a bit of a nerd" says Tristan, "but all the best people are. I'd rather be smart (and handy with a sword) than a doofus" and Tristan is definitely no doofus.

Tristan's is very specific about what he's looking for in a date "Her name must be Alison. She must love gaming, have brown hair, be smart and lovely and live in Christchurch." It kind of sounds like Tristan has someone in particular in mind already.

If you'd like to go on a date with Tristan (and be sure you meet all his criteria), please use the keywords 'Sword fight'.