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Day 7:

Day 7: Amy and Indy

Names: Amy and Indy
Gender: Female (neutered)
Height: 10 inches
Weight: 5 pounds (Amy) 8 pounds (Indy)
Nickname(s): Little one (Amy) Big Brown (Indy)
Star sign: Gemini

Amy and Indy are Burmese twins looking for a love match this Winter.

Although alike in appearance, these two beauties are polar opposites.

Lithe and lovely Amy is a friendly and cuddly lady, who enjoys book reading, calligraphy and crochet. Amy can often be found at a nearby rest home visiting the elderly or at the local cat shelter serving soup to the hungry.

Amy is looking for a kind and loyal man cat who will write her poetry and serenade her with song. Says Amy "I know that special guy is out there. I wished upon a star last night, so I know he's not far away."

Indy, also known as 'the evil twin' is not looking for love, but if Amy's getting love, she wants it too. Indy spends her spare time eating pop-tarts and interfering in Amy's attempts to have personal space. Asked about her ideal lover, Indy responded "I'll have what Amy's having. Literally. If that bitch thinks she can get some loving, she's got another thing coming. I'm going to take her down ..."

Indy continues "That skinny slag has been playing people for fools for years now. Nobody's that bloody nice."

Indy trails off as Amy comes back into the room, and there's an awkward silence as Indy quickly changes the subject: "Yeah, ummm ... anyway, I'm looking for a nice guy who knows his way around the kitchen. It's really important to me that he understands how close Amy and I are, I don't want any man to ever come between us."

If you'd like to go on a date Amy please use the keyword 'Cuddles'. Indy is not available for dating, but if you'd like to assist her in terrorising Amy, please use the keyword 'Jerk'.