100 Days Project

Kayla: Grief. Mercy. Language

I will write some form of poem or prose each day, experimenting with different structures, voices and styles in order to create emotive texts that explore the limits of language and meaning.

Blushing cheeks, in synthetic cashmere
under plastic snowflakes listening
to the string quartet playing 80s ballads - 
she was perfect like a paper postcard.

But there was a whistling in the air
a sense of unease. And then,
came the atomic bomb and
she was set alight - a burn lasting
48 hours and then nothing
but ash.

I tried to sew her back together
but she just kept unravelling
stitch by stitch and the strings
all melted into nothing,
frayed threads of nothing and
nothing left.

Day 7:

The Fallout

This needs development... having trouble getting my words out on this one!