100 Days Project

Toni: Visual pocket diary

A visual diary entry each day of one or more happenings/ incidents/ musings... Looking forward to seeing what comes from being disciplined to be consciously creative every day, no excuses, and how it inspires and motivates my arts practice.

Day 69:

Day 69

Met Fiona Pardington at her residency in Titirangi tooday - she was very inspirational and part of her artist talk was about how people struggle when they get into their "studio" to work on their art and they angst over what they will/ should do. Her advice is don't agnst, just choose something and own it; don't worry about what anyone else may think or is doing. So, today, cleaning out some mouldy pumpkin from the dark recesses of my fridge, thought hmmmmm, that looks cool, so... drew it. Easy peasy!