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Day 67:

Day 67: Puss in Boots

Name: Puss in Boots
Gender: Female
Height:  15 inches
Weight: 8 pounds
Nickname(s): Puss

"I'm tired of the tales" says Puss in Boots, today's client "Puss in Boots is female. For heaven's sake, I am Puss in Boots, I should bloody well know."

Puss certainly does look feminine to us.

Puss works full-time as a snake charmer. She left her pet python at home, but assures us that 'Badgeley' is well-trained, and will not strangle her date.

"There was this one occasion where a date got a little too frisky, and Badgeley had to step in and have a little "chat" to this guy, but it was just the once. The guy was a film producer, so what's he do, he makes a freakin' movie about a man cat called Puss in Boots. Badgeley has since dealt with him again and there haven't been any rumours since. If you treat me well, Badgeley will treat you well ok."

Sounds fair enough to us.

If you'd like to go on a date with Puss in Boots, please use the keyword 'Snakey.'