100 Days Project

jeni: A scribble a day and things/people I love

A series of small sketches with watercolour wash, to see how good I can get at it after 100 days of practice. I started a while ago and for a few days I had gusto and enthusiasm, but as with previous hobbies, once I started being critical and disappointed, I lost confidence and stopped bothering. I might add a journal entry here and there, but for the most part it will be the pencil and the watercolour. I am looking forward to the discipline that commitment - to the 100 Days Project - brings out in me. I have way better staying power with a bit of a push.

Kia Ora

Day 66:

Cheeky Billy

I just love the look on Billy's face when I was taking this picture last night. He is quite a tease in front of the camera (eg. now you see him, now you don't) and thinks it a tremendous joke to run around evading the shot, also striking a pose which I have no hope of catching without resulting in a blur. I guess that's my problem for using a phone to take photos and not a real camera with adjustable shutter speed. Or something ... I'm no photographer. Anyway this cheeky, coy look epitomises my darling boy's personality although the coy comes and goes, to often be replaced by his loud and rambunctious alter ego... And I love it all! He is such a cool, cool person. I am so so proud of my kids, their bolshy attitudes are the best.