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Day 63:

Day 63: Rupert

Name: Rupert
Gender: Male
Height:  25 inches
Weight: 15 pounds
Nickname(s): Rupey

Rupert is one scary arse tall dude.

And don't even get us started about the outfit he was wearing.

Rupert popped in from the future looking for a willing partner to travel with him back to the future to help repopulate planet earth.

Uh huh. Seriously.

"I'm looking for an un-neutered lady cat who is willing and able to breed. If you're good looking too that'd be a bonus, but since I haven't seen a female in over 15 years, I'm not that bothered by appearances."

What a romantic!

If you'd like to be shipped off to the future to be Rupert's brood mare, please use the keyword 'Sucker'.