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Day 62:

Day 62: Fern

Name: Fern
Gender: Female
Height: 13 inches
Weight: 8 pounds
Nickname(s): Anita

Our fabulous friend Fern is having her fourth birthday this weekend, so we took her out to lunch with the agency creditcard today to celebrate.

Fern is happily married to a lovely soccer-playing man-cat by the name of Frans, so we won't try and find her a date.

Fern is one of the best people we know - she's very honest and up-front, beautiful inside and out, a talented author and lovely mum to three kittens.

Here at the agency, we consider Fern and Frans's romance to be one of our best success stories. Fern and Frans met at an agency party five years ago. These two cool cats could not be any more different. Fern is super outgoing, slightly hippy-ish, loud, vibrant and vivacious. Frans is a quiet fellow, fairly serious and sensible. The great thing about opposites, is that they make fantastic couples - and these two definitely bring out the best in each other. We think you're great!

Happy birthday Fern!

Love and hugs,

The Agency Crew xox