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Day 6:

Day 6: Reece

Name: Reece
Gender: Male (un-neutered)
Height: 16 inches
Weight: 12 pounds (all muscle)
Nickname(s): Big Boy
Star sign: Pisces

Fieldays International Bachelor of the Year contestant Reece is a country boy searching for love in the Waikato this June.

Reece's brawny good looks have had the ladies going wild at Fieldays today. One over-excited exhibitor was overheard saying "Gawd, that Reece is a bit of alright, he can toss me over his shoulder any day."

We talked to Reece while he was visiting the John Deere stand and he seemed unfazed by the comment: "Look mate, I'm just here to look at the tractors right now. If the ladies like what they see, they can come check me out at the finals."

Reece isn't one for idle chit-chat, so getting the facts about this rugged farmer was somewhat of a challenge. What we do know is that he was born and raised on a Waikato farm and is one of a litter of five. His success in the farming industry is well documented in the farming pages of local rag The Waikato Times. Asked to describe his ideal woman, Reece says "As long as she can cook a good leg of lamb and doesn't mind a bit of mud getting dragged into the house, she'll be alright with me."

If you'd like to go on a date with Reece, use the keyword 'Farmboy'.