100 Days Project

Sonia: 100 Days In The Tron

To celebrate my home town, each day I will creatively represent a place, a space, a character, an event, a feeling, or a musing from Hamilt(r)on: City of the Future. It might be a photograph, a poem, a drawing, a playdough figure, something made of fabric, something made of lego... I'm hoping to create a new habit of incorporating creativity into everyday life, instead of seeing it as something I'll get 'round to when I get the time. It's also inspired by the thoughts I have when returning from being a tourist either out of town, or out of the country, that we often don't appreciate what we have in our own 'back yard'.

Day 6:

Hamilton Gardens - Indian Char Bagh Garden

Next in the Hamilton Gardens appreciation series: The Indian Char Bagh Garden. This is one of my favourites. The Gardens website describes it as "A rainbow coloured Persian carpet of flowers...", which I think is perfect.

The astute among you will have worked out I took this photo in the summer, but it's such a great garden that I wanted to include it in my project - so I played around with it a bit in the photo editor, not too much though, just to adjust for the inadequacies of my 'point & shoot' digital camera skills.