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Day 59:

Day 59: Chairman Meow

Name: Chairman Meow
Gender: Male
Height: 12 inches
Weight: 15 pounds
Nickname(s): Mr Meow

Chairman Meow has just returned from a long holiday in Paris. He's wined and dined a bevy of beautiful Parisians, and upon returning home has decided to find himself a wife.

"I've gorged myself silly on pain au chocolat darling, swum in the River Seine, and drunk sweet champagne under the Eiffel Tower. Now, all that is left for me is to find myself a femme."

Given Chairman's success with women in Paris, we were a little confused about why he needed our assistance. Nevertheless, here are Chairman's requirements "I'm looking for a femme who is confident, loving, kind and delightful."

If you think you're delightful enough for Mr Meow, please use the keyword 'Beret'.