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Day 58:

Day 58: Boo

Name: Boo
Gender: Male
Height: 18 inches
Weight: 6 pounds
Nickname(s): Baby Boo

Boo is the cutest little cute ever!

We're babysitting our intern's nephew today, and the super cuteness has kept us distracted from real business all day. Boo's pet stingray 'Betty' was glued to Boo's side all day too. The fishy smell was pretty rank, but Boo's super cutey cuteness more than made up for the stench.

Awww Boo is sooooo cute!

You can't date Boo yet, but maybe in a year or two once he's reached adulthood we might feature him on our agency blog. You'd better treat him well though or we'll all come after you!