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Day 56:

Day 56: Sucky and Suck

Name: Agents of SuckySuck
Gender: Male
Height: 18 inches (freakishly tall, right?)
Weight: 12 pounds each
Nickname(s): Sucky and Suck

So, SuckySuck (refer day 55) stayed over last night. It's the start of a beautiful relationship between the agency team and SuckySuck, or Mr Sucks as we like to call him.

Today however, Sucky and Suck, agents of SuckySuck Inc. came to our door and demanded we return SuckySuck to them immediately.

We came to an arrangement ... we'd find them a date, and in exchange, we could keep SuckySuck until the end of the week.

So, here they are ... Sucky and Suck are twins, who still live at home with their mum, and get paid minimum wage to sell SuckySucks door-to-door 7 days a week. Their real names aren't infact Sucky and Suck, but their employment contract stipulates that they aren't allowed to ever use their real names. Nor are they allowed to ever have their tails on display!

Sucky and Suck are looking for a set of twins to take on a double date to a Michael Buble concert.

If you and your twin would like to go on a date with Sucky and Suck, please use the keyword 'Clones'.