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Day 54:

Day 54: Mica

Name: Mica
Gender: Female
Height: 12 inches
Weight: 13 pounds
Nickname(s): Patch, Patches

Yes, that is a persimmon necklace around Mica's neck. To say that Mica is unusual, would be like saying the Pope is a tad Catholic.

Mica and her persimmon necklace called into the agency this morning looking for a very specific kind of date. "I want to be soaked" she said. Huh? "My ideal date would be to spend the day combining my two favourite things" you guessed it, persimmons and water "and just wallowing in a big ole' bath of persimonny slush."

Mica is a bit of a fruit loop, and we'd like to say that she's lovely, even though she's a little strange, but the truth is ... she's not very nice either. "When I say I want to go on a date, I don't want to go with anyone. You guys can just pay for me to go by myself. I don't like other cats. In fact you are really quite unattractive, have you thought about seeing a plastic surgeon?"

If you'd like to go on a date with Mica, you can't. And no, we're not paying for Mica to date herself either.