100 Days Project

Olivia: Poems

I'm going to write a poem a day

The cupboard

The cupboard sits,

paitiently, waiting.

Its key some where else,

idely waiting.

Then all was silenced,

by the sound of the door in the kitchen.

someone was in.

That someone droped a coin and it roled under the bench,

where the owner bent down,

but to see something else.

Down where the coin was dropped,

right next door was a rusty, dirty, old looking key.

The someone picked it up.

It knew that there was a locked cupboard in the house,

and went to the door to open it.

it fitted magesticly and popped the door open.

The door of the cupboard gave a squeaky chirp for joy,

knowing that the someone was good and kind,

So she swung the door back to reveal her insides.

Day 50:

The cupboard