100 Days Project

Amie: Google Imagination or The Internet of Things

This project takes a glimpse at the first Google Images page of the Things that catch my attention. There's something magical about tiled imagery cascading in front of your eyes when searching the Internet. Captured here are Some of the Things I googled across 100 days.

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Day 5:

Ans Westra

I was lucky enough to interview Ans Westra once for Exposure Lifestyles magazine (Page 50-51: http://issuu.com/patshepherd/docs/exposure_3). She struck me as beautifully other; her fridge stacked shelve-to-straining-shelf with discontinued Kodak medium format film and a tiny submarine bunk bed hinged to the bedroom wall, entirely (and I mean entirely) surrounded by piles of old books and papers. Her house was in a permanent state of renovation with holes in the floor and wallpaper peeling from the walls. Tim Burton would have proposed to her on the spot.


Ans Westra, CNZM (b. April 28, 1936 in Leiden, Netherlands) is a self-taught New Zealand photographer, with an interest in Māori, whose prominence as an artist and author was most amplified by her 1964 piece Washday at the pa. Westra emigrated to New Zealand in 1957.

In 1996 Ans Westra was awarded the inaugural Southland Art Foundation Artist in Residence award by Southland Art Foundation, Southern Institute of Technology, Southland Museum and Art Galleryand Creative New Zealand. In 1998 Westra was awarded the Companion of the Order of New Zealand Merit for services to photography and in 2007 she became an Arts Foundation of New ZealandIcon artist.