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Day 48:

Day 48: Krystal

Name: Krystal
Gender: Female
Height: 10 inches
Weight: 7 pounds
Nickname(s): Legs

Krystal is just beautiful! She's an exotic dancer in town and is raking in the money (apparently the locals are big tippers)! With her long legs, glossy fur and swishy tail, she has all the males panting (including the ones in our office).

Krystal called in to see us wearing a nude coloured coat - so glamorous! And she tells us that her mauve coloured eyes are natural - ooh!

Krystal came to the agency because she's looking for a new man in her life. "I work nights, so I'm looking for a guy who has a similar work schedule to me. It's hard to find time together otherwise." We asked Krystal why she needed the help of the agency "I'm looking for a different kind of guy this time" she said "Someone who can look past my fabulous exterior and see that I'm just as fabulous on the inside too." Awwww!

If you'd like to go on a date with Krystal, please use the keyword 'Dancer'.