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Day 41:

Day 41: Officer Geoffrey

Name: Officer Geoffrey
Gender: Male
Height: 14 inches
Weight: 20 pounds
Nickname(s): Officer Geoff

In order to avoid yet another traffic infringement, we've agreed to help Officer Geoffrey find a date to the 'Boys in Blue ball' this Friday night.

Officer Geoffrey, is a very serious man. Do not call him Geoffrey, or Geoff, it's OFFICER Geoffrey or OFFICER Geoff thank you very much.

In between eating donuts, Officer Geoffrey can be found patrolling the mean streets of LA. He's an experienced officer of the law, with over 30 years experience on the beat.

Officer Geoffrey's requirements for a date, read more like a job advertisement, and here it is:

Clean criminal record
Forklift licence (yeah, we don't know why either)
Full set of own teeth
No drug use, or history of use
Full fingerprints provided in advance

Officer Geoffrey would like us to warn all potential dates that you will be drug tested prior to leaving the house and before returning home after your date.

If you'd like to go on a date with Officer Geoffrey, please use the keyword 'Cop'.