100 Days Project

wilma: God lives here on the Eastern Bay of Plenty

We call it The Place where God lives, of course it is'nt, It's simply where the Motu River flows down from high in the mountains, through the gorges and into a small area of the Bay of Plenty.

,ve come to the conclusion--- that if God were to chose one single place to live it would be here. Over my 100 days I'm going to take you, with my trusty little pink camera and show you our beautiful piece of New Zealand.

Day 4:

Te Whanau a Apanui

This area is named Maraenui, big marae. We are a small settlement facing the sea and the Motu river. A paper road runs the length of the bay with a few houses along the front and the rest on the rise toward the school on the main road. Skirting this wonderful place are the hills and mountains that guide the River and her streams down to the sea.
It is part of the tribal lands of Te Whanau a Apanui. Chief Apanui, many many years ago had his pah on the hills above the Marae. Sometime when the sun is coming up or in the last rays of the sunset one can almost see those early people up there.watching for strangers or schools of fish or the whales that migrated past these shores.
Sitting down at the beach one day an old chap came along and was chatting away about how things were in his grandfather's time. As he watched me shake half a dozen whitebait into my bucket he told of a time when the whitebait was netted in such amounts that they used it as fertilizer for the Kumera that they grew on the flats. Incidently these kumeras were sold to feed English Soldiers during the Moari wars.
Its sad that the older people are passing, for the stories and history make this place all the more special.
I'm sure God was there back then, but I also wonder where God went the time I'll tell you about tomorrow. Have a wonderful day.