100 Days Project

Olivia: 100 Days of Words

I love to write anything and everything, so my 100 Days Project is about words. Every day, I will write a mini story of exactly 100 words. In the end, I will have 10,000 words making up 100 mini-stories.
I will also put my stories up on my Wordpress blog: http://www.olivia100daysproject.wordpress.com

I’m in my dressing gown. It’s pink and fluffy and cuddly, the best dressing gown in the world. You might even call it royal-like. Fit for a queen. A queen who would rule over a vast kingdom with thousands of loyal subjects who all flock to her and kneel at her feet because they all know she is the best queen they have ever had. A dutiful queen: firm but kind. A queen with a palace with three hundred rooms that have walls encrusted with diamonds. I could be a good queen, waving from the balcony in my dressing gown.

Day 4:

My Dressing Gown

10 June 2013: My Dressing Gown