100 Days Project

Jo: 100 Day Quilt

I am going to sew for 100 days, I want to make a quilt, I have never made one before but I am a passionate textile lover and sewer. I am going to use fabrics that in someway have some association to my life and hope to end up with something beautiful, meaningful and memorable.

Day 4:

First stitching

Whoops couldn't resize my photo so sorry abit late, stitched the first pieces together so have committed myself now!! This project is all about me finishing something that isn't done in a few hours, that takes some time and discipline to do. Being creative I am incredibly judgemental of my own work so each day is a battle to feel I am comfortable with what I have done, and its really hard to know I have to do abit each day and make sure I feel happy with it, I am not sure how to get to that space where I feel I have given it my most creative best each day, I feel a long way from that at this stage..........but on we go, will see how my decision making and creative thought process changes over the days......