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Day 38:

Day 38: Mittens

Name: Mittens
Gender: Female
Height: 12 inches
Weight: 12 pounds (solid muscle)
Nickname(s): Abs
Star sign: Virgo

In between protein shakes, Mittens skyped us yesterday looking for help finding a date to the "Ms Cat awards".

Mittens, as you can see from her photograph, is a very strong woman. She's a body builder and takes her profession very seriously. "It's important to be hairless in this job. You've got to shave it all off. There's no room for any downstairs whiskers poking out from your G string, nor any armpit hair to slow you down while you're working out." The strangely orange tinted skin is also apparently part of the job "You've got to be tanned baby. Noone wants to see a white cat strutting herself on stage. So I paint this stuff on nightly." And about those purple eyes? "Yup, coloured contacts, they make my cheek muscles stand out more."

Mittens is looking for a date who can fit in with her busy schedule and won't feel intimidated by her superior strength. "At the end of the day I can kick anyone's arse. I'm looking for a real man who can cope with losing every arm wrestle against me, and who isn't going to wimp out when I ask him to spray tan my bikini line."

If you'd like to go on a date with Mittens, please use the keyword 'Bronzed'.