100 Days Project

Briar: Cent jours en francais

I have recently started learning French, and would love a project that could combine learning the language while also doing something creative. Each day I will letter a word or phrase in French. Wish me bonne chance!

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Day 38:

Vive la France!

Vive la France! - Long live France!

Today is Bastille Day which celebrates the beginning of the French Revolution. Bastille Day in France is formally called La FĂȘte Nationale (The National Celebration) and more commonly Le quatorze juillet (The 14th July). "Vive la France" is often patriotically exclaimed on Bastille Day.

I was actually lucky enough to be in Paris for Bastille Day in 2009 and saw a rather spectacular fireworks display off the Eiffel Tower. Our view was however somewhat limited given that we were amongst millions of people.