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Day 34:

Day 34: Princess Lilac

Name: Princess Lilac
Gender: Female
Height: 10 inches
Weight: 10 pounds
Nickname(s): Too many alter egos to list them all!
Star sign: Gemini

Princess Lilac is a 'sharing' kind of lady. She's currently married to 5 mancats and 2 ladycats, and insists that there's nothing wrong with polygamy. She came to us looking for help sourcing husband number 6.

"I've never been the kind of lady to settle for just one lover. Life is too short." she said. We asked her if husbands 1-5 and wives 1-2 are aware of the existence of each other and she replied "Don't be silly, that would be asking for trouble. However, with husband number 6, I want to be honest - he'd have to be totally open to my 'complicated' living arrangements..."

These living arrangements mean that Lilac has several different identities, and moves from house to house depending on who she has 'rostered on' for the night.

Lilac says she maintains her busy schedule by keeping a password protected calendar on hand and having an air-tight alibi to help explain her many absences from the marital home(s). "Yeah, they all think I'm an airhostess. Kind of funny really, I haven't had to work in years. Husband number three is loaded, and I mostly live off his income."

If you'd like to go on a date with Princess Lilac and join her bevy of husbands, please use the keyword 'Busy'.