100 Days Project

Willie: What It Is To Ponder

Every day there are opportunities to ponder. So often life gets in the way to ponder with meaning. For the 100 days of this project I will take time out every day to reflect on those ponder-able moments. I will attempt to articulate my 'ponderings' through the use of poetry. Risky but fun. Can I actually write poetry? Here we go...

Inspiration comes and goes.
When it comes it can flow well.
When it doesn’t, forcing it is hard work
But something worthwhile does come of it.

Just one word upon the page
May next day strike a chord
And then the flow of the ink from that pen
Pours out at a decent flow.

No matter what your creative juice
Needs to make it flow,
I’ve come to realise, we must stop
And make time to let it go.

So stop and pause and breathe a while.
The moment may well be here.
Enjoy it while it comes right out.
Enjoy it while you can.

Day 33:

Inspiration Comes And Goes

Why does it work some days, and not others? Is it food, water, activity? Or just space?