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Day 31:

Day 31: Cooper

Name: Cooper
Gender: Male
Height: 12 inches
Weight: 10 pounds
Nickname(s): Coop, Cooper cat, Whiny Pants

Cooper is a total hottie!

When we opened the door to him last night we were blown away with his stunning good looks. Phwoarrrr!

It seems that Cooper is a huge fan of his hot looks too.It took quite some persuasion to get Cooper to step away from the hallway mirror as he walked in to the agency offices.

Once seated, Cooper started fussing in his man bag and whipped out a small compact mirror, checking his appearance and primping his whiskers before finally settling in to chat with our interview panel.

Cooper (Coop to his friends) came to us to with very specific requirements in mind for a date. We asked him to describe his ideal date and he said "She must have flawless skin, symmetrical features, glossy fur, be trim and athletic, have a pert bottom and maintain a high level of grooming ... fatties, ug-ohs and feral cats need not apply."

We showed Coop some photos of recent lady cats on our books and he was unimpressed. "Listen, I'm hot. I'm a model for crying out loud. Ford don't want me to be seen in public with anyone less than perfect." (did we mention Cooper is a model?)

After throwing the agency catalogue onto the coffee table, Coop rolled his eyes and snarled "Look, you guys can all piss off until you can find me someone smokin' hot. For now, go and fetch me a plate of schnitzel."

If you'd like to go on a date with Cooper (and you meet his high standards), please use the keyword 'Diva'.