100 Days Project

Kathryn: Word

Each day I'm going to randomly choose a word from my thesaurus. Using a pen and pad I'm going to spend 5 minutes playing with it and letting it wander around my imagination and see where it takes me.

So with this word I started going down some really obvious routes - dark, small, hidden etc then cloaked (which is one of my favourite words) which led me to think about cloaks and then covens.  There seemed to be a really obvious connection betw covert and coven (like the first three letters) which was a bit banal but it led me to think about covert witches which led me to think about an underground society of witches which led me to thinking about a TV or book idea about what might happen if one person was charged with saving the last existing coven of witches.

Day 3:

Word Du Jour - Covert