100 Days Project

Tukara: 100 days of doodling

My goal is to get back in touch with my long lost drawing skills. I aim to complete one doodle a day for the next 100 days.
*Update* My new project and goal is now to sketch one of the 100 most influential people of last century each day. This will give me an opportunity to learn more about these individuals and what they were known for. The 100 individuals are taken from the collection by TIME Magazine and information taken from Wikipedia.

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Day 3:

Day 3 - Finding A Groove

So today's work is a Samurai mask. As you can see I'm still struggling to build a style or a process that I am happy with but I'll get there - Hopefully by Day 20 at least!
I think I'll do some research online to see how other artists are creating their work using a tablet and stylus. I'm sure I'll be able to find some good inspiration. Feel free to let me know if you find anything good yourself!