100 Days Project

Olivia: 100 Days of Words

I love to write anything and everything, so my 100 Days Project is about words. Every day, I will write a mini story of exactly 100 words. In the end, I will have 10,000 words making up 100 mini-stories.
I will also put my stories up on my Wordpress blog: http://www.olivia100daysproject.wordpress.com

She sat in school every day, silent and still, blending in with the walls, another piece in the plaster. In a room of 30 children, it was easy to become invisible, forgotten by the teachers and by the class. She liked it that way though, it was simpler. As long as she didn’t disrupt anybody, she could do as she pleased. Her imagination could wander, free from the boundaries of the brick and mortar, far into a world she desperately wished could be true, a place where her heart was free and her spirit could soar off into the cosmos.

Day 3:

The Girl

9 June 2013: The Girl