100 Days Project

wilma: God lives here on the Eastern Bay of Plenty

We call it The Place where God lives, of course it is'nt, It's simply where the Motu River flows down from high in the mountains, through the gorges and into a small area of the Bay of Plenty.

,ve come to the conclusion--- that if God were to chose one single place to live it would be here. Over my 100 days I'm going to take you, with my trusty little pink camera and show you our beautiful piece of New Zealand.

Day 29:

The day of the ducks

This beautiful scene is hiding a network of small waterways, run off drains that run the water of the paddocks. The miracle I want to tell you is how we really wanted to go home and leave the dog there squealing with joy and refusing to come when we called. The true miracle is that still had Cottie two years and many more days after this. SHe was a spanial . Cottie was as mental as they come, sweet loving but needy with attention deficient problems. But we loved her even though she could leave us screaming in frustration.
This day we'd gone to the river early as it was our town shopping day and wanted the dogs to have a run before we went. Cottie run along with Trevor (The other dog) happily singing a little walking in the sun song, until a paradise duck strolled across the track in front of her. It was like a canon being set off. She was gone, down across the stream, through the drain, spraying mud squealing like a whistle, so fast that we could only see her when she went to higher ground. This might have been tolerable but she came across an area by the river where ducks were nesting. Poor Cottie was by now hysterical, with my husband and I after her. Have you ever run promising to buy a dog an icecream if she'll come back only to have her yap and circle back behind you. We'd gone at 9am and at !pm we gave up leaving a blanket on the path where she gone off. (9pm dark and cold we go and there she was sitting on the blanket shivering, wet cold and exhausted.