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Day 28:

Day 28: Orangey

Name: Orangey
Gender: Male
Height: 12 inches
Weight: 12 pounds
Nickname(s): OJ
Star sign: Pegasus (apparently they have different star signs where Orangey comes from)

At first glance, Orangey appears to be the most normal, ordinary, uninteresting cat we've met. Every time we asked him a question, he just shrugged and mumbled "oh you know, whatever".

After half an hour of trying to to get Orangey to open up we were ready to call it a day, when all of a sudden Orangey got a glazed look in his eyes, abruptly sat down (in a very odd position - see image right) and started speaking in a totally different voice. "Greetings earthling, my name is OJ, I hail from the planet Dynasanaszusgi."

After some probing (and believe me, being probed by an alien is not pleasant), Orangey told us that the reason he'd come to the agency today was to try and find a love match. "There aren't many of us Dynasaraians on this planet, and I'm lonely" he said, "I just want someone who I can cuddle up with in cold weather. I do have a list of criteria however, AND THESE CRITERIA MUST BE MET OR YOUR AGENCY WILL BE DESTROYED ALONG WITH EVERYONE IN IT."

Flowing medium-length white hair
One blue eye, one green eye
Sharp claws on all paws
Be willing to participate in unusual experimentation, which may or may not result in the loss of a limb
No close friends or relatives who might miss you if you went missing.

If you fit the following criteria, please quickly send us a response using the keyword 'abduction':