100 Days Project

PAULA: a day in the life

over 100 days 100 artworks will be created using whatever materials are necessary to loosely represent daily occurrences, objects that are found, sightings, words spoken, moods, dreams..... I am hoping when I look back on all the works they will take me back to the happening and therefore this project will take on the form of a daily journal of randomness

Day 26:

collaborative play

sick day at home with the kids - this seems to be a regular occurrence lately, although I was only legit one sick, willow faked her sickness and thought it was hilarious when I clicked onto it later that day and I couldn't be bothered getting out of my pjs to take max to kindi. So we created this town, well we all started and when I put them to bed I tweaked it.....ok, quite a bit.....control freak!!!!!!!