100 Days Project

Chris : A ton of work

Create one History or Social Studies lesson plan that could be picked up and used by any teacher anywhere

Day 25:

Constructing an Argument

Russian Revolution Argument Diamond
Understanding how we judge the relative importance of events in order to form historical argument
By the end of this lesson you will be able to evaluate the relative importance of various causes and consequences of the Russian Revolution
• Laminated cause and consequence cards – ten sets of nine cards; 5 sets of causes, 5 sets of consequences
• Divide the class into five groups
• Each group has two sets of cards; causes and consequences
• Groups are to divide their causes into a diamond with five tiers
o The single most important cause goes at the top and the single least at the bottom
o The second and fourth tiers have the two causes
o The third tier has three
• Once the groups have ordered their tiers they are to move around the room looking at the diamonds of the other groups
• Teacher can then direct a discussion of the reasons each group chose the relative importance that they chose
• Students then repeat the exercise for consequences
• Students could record their diamonds through writing them down or through taking photos of them