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Day 25:

Day 25: Bubba

Name: Bubba Bear Reeves
Gender: Male
Height: 12 inches
Weight: 18 pounds
Nickname(s): Bub, Bubs, Dat Boy
Star sign: Libra

First off, we'd like to apologise for the photo of Bubba. No matter how many times we explained it to him, he couldn't quite grasp that when the camera flash goes off he needs to keep his eyes open...

Bubba is a kind and gentle giant, but with all due respect, has got to be the thickest feline we've ever met. Described by his friends as "dumb as a sack of potatoes" Bubba will never win any awards in the IQ department. What Bubba will give you however is loyalty and love.

Bubba came to the agency door last week looking for a 'date'. After 30 minutes of explaining ourselves to him in small words, he finally got that we weren't in fact dried fruit importers and didn't have any 'dates' for sale. He then signed on the dotted line for us to find him a lady-friend to take out for an evening of fine entertainment.

Bubba describes himself as a "friendly bloke", and lists his hobbies as "hanging out with my friends, doing kind things for little old ladies and teaching little fellas how to play baseball." Bubba volunteers at a local soup kitchen, fosters troubled teens and regularly donates money to local charities.

He's a lovely guy ... and if it wasn't for his lack of smarts he'd be the perfect man.

We asked Bubba what he's looking for in his perfect date, and he replied "As long as she's tasty, plump and had the pip removed she'll be alright with me."


If you'd like to go on a date with Bubba, please use the keywords 'lost in translation'.