100 Days Project

Janet: Willa

My daughter will be 107 days old when this project starts, almost a perfect coincidence. Every day, for 100 days, I will take a photo of Willa. Every photo will involve me learning a different photography technique. Every photo will have a caption of only one or two words. Growth, brevity, living in the moment - love it.

Day 25:

‘red stripes’

'red stripes'

Ok, so maybe I do have a thing for red stripes. Although it was Willa's brother that pointed out that she matches my chair today. He happened to be wearing a red top too so we had fun for a few minutes with me taking photos of them both on the chair.

I actually took a similar photo of Willa two weeks ago - same chair, same top - and it was interesting to compare them both. She looks so much older already!

Today's photo was taken using the 'P' mode on my camera, a.k.a. Program AE. The longer title made no sense to me at all before but now I know it means that the shutter speed & aperture are set automatically to obtain the standard exposure, leaving me to get creative with the other settings - ISO speed, flash, focal points, & picture style. There's nothing fancy about this photo but at least now I know a bit more about my camera!

Crazy hair, kid.