100 Days Project

jeni: A scribble a day and things/people I love

A series of small sketches with watercolour wash, to see how good I can get at it after 100 days of practice. I started a while ago and for a few days I had gusto and enthusiasm, but as with previous hobbies, once I started being critical and disappointed, I lost confidence and stopped bothering. I might add a journal entry here and there, but for the most part it will be the pencil and the watercolour. I am looking forward to the discipline that commitment - to the 100 Days Project - brings out in me. I have way better staying power with a bit of a push.

Kia Ora

Day 24:

Getting stuck in

Although it may be another self-portrait, I don't intend to do lots of pictures of me. I'm just a familiar face and I sit still (in front of a mirror). I've got a book now, and some new paper so I'm gonna have a start at learning and developing a watercolour technique for portraits. It's old news I know, but I'm gonna anyway.

We went to Muriwai today and the kids had the best time. Me and Myke had a pretty sweet time too and Myke took some sweet shots of our gorgeous little monsters with an oceanic and black sand backdrop.

<3 Auckland. <3 NZ. Sucks a bit about the government tho.

<3 my family.