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Day 24:

Day 24: Shiver

Name: Shiver

Gender: Female (neutered)

Height: 12 inches

Weight: 8 pounds

Nickname(s): Saddest cat, Ice chunk

Star sign: Libra

Shiver has got to be the saddest looking kitty we've ever met. Poor Shiver, came to us fresh from a bad breakup, sobbing loudly and looking more than a little dejected.

"Every relationship is the same" she sobbed "they start out beautiful, loving and kind and then one day they turn on me and start mocking my resting sad face ... I can't help looking sad, I was born that way!"

After a few warming whiskeys Shiver cheered up, and although she still looked miserable as sin, she managed to make us laugh with stories of her disastrous dating life and even had a giggle herself.

We asked Shiver what she was looking for in a date, and she replied "I'm looking for a happy man, who can look past my appearance and just love me for the happy lady I am on the inside. I always look sad, but really I'm not, so deal with it."

If you'd like to go on a date with Shiver, please use the keywords 'ugly duckling'.