100 Days Project

wilma: God lives here on the Eastern Bay of Plenty

We call it The Place where God lives, of course it is'nt, It's simply where the Motu River flows down from high in the mountains, through the gorges and into a small area of the Bay of Plenty.

,ve come to the conclusion--- that if God were to chose one single place to live it would be here. Over my 100 days I'm going to take you, with my trusty little pink camera and show you our beautiful piece of New Zealand.

Day 24:

Big James

James was a big man who on any given day could be sweet as sugar or as sharp as vinegar. James's house was and still there on the rise that runs from the Marae tp the end of this photo. (Others live there now so no photo of their house) The one big thing to James was the on going battle with a family who lived further up. No one actually remembers what started it all but it would simmer along with letters to and fro, threats of court cases and suing, then like a boil it would burst and there would be James with his tractor blocking the way, refusing the others access across what he called his private property. One one occasion there was a call to the police because of James being what was described as using obscene language in front of a lady, while she stood there threatening to get the gun and shoot him. The rest of the settlement took very little notice and seemed to care less, as James had no quarrel with the rest of us passing his place on the way up to where we fished. James left the district and died a few years back. My personal thought was and is that James had been here and had been held in respect for many years and leaving made him sad, lonely and hastened the illness that took him. I remember the first time I met him and he shouted at me to keep my dog on a lease as he was Mayor and made all the rules. i liked him even better when I knew him well enough to say "Yeah right James"