100 Days Project

Carol: Cartoon-a-day

When I was growing up I used to draw cartoons all the time. My mum has a whole drawer full of them. I never get time/have the inclination these days. Either that or I watch too much TV. So I'm going to draw a cartoon every day, hopefully getting the cartooning bug back, developing my style, responding to current events. I have very little stamina so this will be a challenge.

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Day 21:

Robert of Raglan

Sketchbook (A3), pencil, pen, watercolour, scan

I am in Raglan for the weekend and today we went to 'The Pink Palace' to see Robert of Raglan and his artwork, the most remarkable of which was his clocks, using old NZ pennies. He assured us they would increase in value. I can only assume the value of the coins would go up because the artwork was questionable.