100 Days Project

Sarah: Momentitos

a mini journal based on appreciating something small in the moment. And seeing where it takes me - a kind of mash up of mindfulness and journal writing....

Day 2:


It's autumn here in Auckland and my neighbour's tree is on fire. It lights up my mood just looking at the colours. There it is, day after day, as we reverse in and out of the drive and in and out of daily routines that drive me slightly mental if I'm honest. So amongst the mental, the tree is a grounding feature (funny that). Today my girl and I were sitting in the window seat; she on the listen out for lawnmowers (she's two) and me drinking in my neighbour's tree. We were sitting there for a couple of minutes, when I found my mind starting to skip around my list of dull as hell household jobs, and starting to wonder how long we were going to be hunting lawnmowers out the window. I got up to move and my daughter put her hand out, accompanied by a strong and determined "stay". Before I realised it, the words were out: "I can't just sit here for ages...." Until I realised I could, of course I could. And so we did. Watching the world go by on our quiet street for a bit, and hanging out with the lawnmowers and leaves.