100 Days Project

Virginia: An exploration of beauty

I will be thinking about what is beautiful. This will include images, words or sounds that appear beautiful to me personally, as well as different cultural interpretations.

"My grandmother spoke no English and went about her tasks singing.  She sang to things I couldn't see, to stones and water.  She spoke to the breezes that came from the sea.  This was not odd to me.  No question of sanity or need of counselling entered my mind.  It was simply the mechanics of living, of praise to God, to the Creator."  Lilian Na'ia Alessa

(From http://www.culturalsurvival.org/publications/cultural-survival-quarterly/united-states/other-way-knowing)

Day 2:


I stumbled across this quote online. It made me reflect on the beauty of cultural diversity - of seeing the world in different ways.