100 Days Project

Lindy: Never Postpone a Prompting

I am going to finely craft a paragraph everyday.
100 paragraphs = a collection of 5-8 short stories.
Life unscripted - these are to be a collection of my inner city tales - outrageous things I've seen and heard. I've always wanted to write them, half are still in my head, the others need fine-tuning.

About a ten minute walk away from where I live in inner city Auckland, there are some pohutakawa tree lined bays looking out to our harbour bridge. When its high tide and the water laps right up to the boat sheds and private gardens, these bays entice the locals. At low tide they become desolate mudflats. With the high tide, the summer dawn sees the serious swimmers religiously doing their laps from one end of the bay to the other. In the past few years there are are more and more paddleboarders - its the new thing. From around 9ish, young children and their nanny's make the most of the beaches with the sound of dogs barking and children squealing and laughing. Midday sees the local workers enjoying their lunch breaks with a quick cooling dip and a bite to eat. From 3pm the bay fills with local school children and their families and groups of gangly teenage girls in skimpy bikinis and pimply boys parading about for them. They hang around in small groups, furtively sharing a cigarette and a beer. From 5pm when the work day ends the bays become crowded as the locals enjoy the beaches right on their doorstep. Its a mix of everyone at this time, the main difference being that now theres wine and beer being drunk and the air carries a whiff of Marijiuana

Day 2:

Nadia, a real life Mermaid