100 Days Project

Andrea: Let Me Hold Your Hand

100 days of hands. Photographs, paintings, anything that happens to tickle my fancy. Will try to use a different medium/media/method/style for each day, just to mix it up and also challenge myself to think outside the box and use different materials.

Day 2:

Pushing Those Buttons

Buttons and Air Drying Modelling Clay Mixed Media Canvas Art

I was intending on leaving this for another day as it's fairly ambitious. However I did already have all the buttons and grabbed the black canvas and modelling clay yesterday along with a number of other fun things for other days. Went surprisingly fast after I got going, even though some of the little buttons were a bit fiddly. Had so much fun with the buttons themselves I'm thinking next years project (if I get through this one) will have to be all about them :D

A couple of additional process photos can be found on the tumblr :D