100 Days Project

Olivia: 100 Days of Words

I love to write anything and everything, so my 100 Days Project is about words. Every day, I will write a mini story of exactly 100 words. In the end, I will have 10,000 words making up 100 mini-stories.
I will also put my stories up on my Wordpress blog: http://www.olivia100daysproject.wordpress.com

Have you ever heard such a tragedy? Would any other words incite such a desire to simply scream? Those words, they burst into her mind and pierced her memory, leaking poison through her veins in every waking moment. Execution by beheading for the crime of treason. How she got to this point she did not know. Where did she go wrong? Was there a moment where she could have stopped, could have taken it all back? Played like a toy by the grande olde’ King. Forgotten by time and lost to history. Queen Anne. A woman, a mother, a corpse.

Day 2:

Queen Anne Boleyn

8 June 2013: Queen Anne Boleyn